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Travel and study together with your family or friends, invest in your self-development, and spend a fabulous time with your beloved ones.

August 16 – August 25, 2019

The leading Nordic-Baltic language service company Baltic Media, in cooperation with the University of Liepaja, offers an intensive Latvian language and culture program in the mesmerizing city of Liepaja, located on Latvia’s beautiful Baltic Sea coast.

Liepaja is a fantastic place to learn Latvian as it has everything from a beautiful seaside to market stalls offering fresh local produce to the Great Amber Concert Hall, a new architectural landmark of the city:

This intensive Latvian language and culture program provides:

  • solid instruction in learning the Latvian language (28 academic hours) at two levels – beginners (A1) and pre-intermediate (B1);
  • specially designed course materials;
  • cultural activities, including tours of the city and movie séances at an outdoor cinema featuring Latvian movies;
  • 3 day/2 night weekend trip to a B&B with amber hunting along the sea coast and yoga on the beach.


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  • 595 EUR includes tuition, course materials, coffee and snacks, cultural activities, tours, and a 3 day/2 night stay at a B&B (meals and yoga instruction included).
  • 200 EUR for person for those who want to participate only in the cultural activities (without tuition costs).
  • 575 EUR early bird special price if you enroll by April 30.

For more information, please e-mail us at:

We encourage you to pack your travel bag, bring along your friends, and spend 10 amazing days discovering the beauty of the Latvian language as well as the unique culture and nature of Latvia’s beautiful sea coast. It will be your best summer ever.

Source: Baltic Media Valodu mācību centrs

Nine suggestions on how to get the most of your Latvian language classes at the Baltic Media


Nine suggestions on how to get the most of your Latvian language classes:

  1. If you wish to get the most of your language classes, there is one indispensable requirement, one essential infinitely more important than any rule or technique. This magic requirement is: a deep, driving desire to learn. We teach Latvian using learning by doing approach wich makes language acquisition more effective.
  2. Read each chapter of the text-book, go back and reread again, again and again.
  3. Stop frequently in your reading to think over what you are reading. Ask yourself just how and when you can apply each grammar rule, each new word. Memorize new words, lear words in phrases, keep reviewing these words untill they are storaged in a long term memory.
  4. Read with the pencil, pen, magic marker or highlighter in your hand. Marking and underscoring a book makes it more interesting, and far easier to review rapidly.
  5. Keep your learning materials on your desk in front of you every day. Glance through it often. Keep constantly impressing yourself with the rich possibilities to practice your language.dav
  6. Remember that learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.
  7. You are attempting to form a new way of thinking, thinking in a new language.
  8. Check up each week on the progress you are making.
  9. Make a lively game of mastering new language!

Good luck! Your Baltic Media Language Centre Team

Author: Iveta Grīnberga, Head of Latvian Language Programs.

If someone tells you that the Latvian language is a small language, don’t believe it.

Brivibas piminkelis 18. novembris 2018

Freedom Monument, Riga, Latvia. November 18, 2018.  The Freedom Monument is a memorial located in Riga, Latvia, honouring soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence. It is considered an important symbol of the freedom, independence, and sovereignty of Latvia. Source: Youtube.

There are approximately 7,000 living languages in the world. Two thousand of these languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers. Latvian is spoken by about 2 million people, thus placing it in the category of large languages.

Latvian is a modern, developed language used in all spheres of life. It is also one of the European Union’s 24 official languages. An important condition in the development of a language in the era of information technology is its usage in computer programming and the internet. A recent advancement has the development of machine translation for Latvian language; there are programs that transform spoken Latvian to written text etc.

Latvian language continually develops. Today new Latvian words are created not only in Riga, but also in Brussels and Luxembourg. In the past 20 years, about 100,000 new words have entered the Latvian language of which 5,000 are used on a daily basis. Not that long ago we didn’t know what is a “zīmols” (brand name), “lielveikals” (supermarket), “e-pasts” (e-mail), “i-banka” (internet bank), or a “blogs” (blog) or “čats” (chat). It should be admitted that a few of the creations of linguists or translators have not worked out, but most adhere to Latvian grammar rules and sound alright. As we already have words such as “dzīvot” (to live) or “ceļot” (to travel), why wouldn’t we be able to say “laivot” (boating), “talkot” (doing community service), or “nūjot” (Nordic poling). Sometimes familiar words develop new meanings. For example, the word “mākonis” (cloud) doesn’t necessarily mean what is above our heads on a rainy day. We can now store information “mākonī” (in the cloud). And what has happened to “pele” (mouse)? Now it lives on our desk?! Last year alone translators working in Brussels created 500 new words in Latvian, about a word and a half a day. Those who adapt will survive…

Author: Iveta Grīnberga, Head of Latvian Language Programs at Baltic Media Language Training Centre