New Tool to Assist in Transliteration of Foreign Personal Names in Latvian


Language experts at the Latvian Language Agency provide daily consultations over the phone and in person on questions related to correct  transliteration of foreign language personal names into Latvian language.

Now there is a convenient online tool to check correct options for transliteration of foreign personal names – Latvian Language Agency has launched a special Application „Citvalodu personvārdu atveide latviešu valodā” (created by visual communication agency „E Forma”).

The new App „Citvalodu personvārdu atveide latviešu valodā” ” („Transliteration of Foreign Language Personal Names into Latvian Language”)  is an electronic dictionary of first names and last names in many languages, where we have currently gatehered information regarding correct transliteration and variants thereof, as well as rules regarding how it should be done and recommended additional literature regarding personal names in 27 languages. The dictionary is based in the Regulations for Transliteration of Foreign personal names, starting from broschures published 1960 and onward by the Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of the Latvian SSR and until the most recent publications in the XXI century. The dictionary is still being improved and expanded, as well as adjusting content to the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 122 from 27th february, 2018 „Ammendments to the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 114 „On Regulations Concerning Transliteration and Usage of Foreign Personal Names in Latvian Language, as well as Their Identification” .

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This application is meant for use by anyone whose daily work and activities involve correct transliteration of foreign language personal names: officers at official state and government agencies, publishers, editors, proofreaders, translators, students, language teachers etc.