Nine suggestions on how to get the most of your Latvian language classes at the Baltic Media


Nine suggestions on how to get the most of your Latvian language classes:

  1. If you wish to get the most of your language classes, there is one indispensable requirement, one essential infinitely more important than any rule or technique. This magic requirement is: a deep, driving desire to learn. We teach Latvian using learning by doing approach wich makes language acquisition more effective.
  2. Read each chapter of the text-book, go back and reread again, again and again.
  3. Stop frequently in your reading to think over what you are reading. Ask yourself just how and when you can apply each grammar rule, each new word. Memorize new words, lear words in phrases, keep reviewing these words untill they are storaged in a long term memory.
  4. Read with the pencil, pen, magic marker or highlighter in your hand. Marking and underscoring a book makes it more interesting, and far easier to review rapidly.
  5. Keep your learning materials on your desk in front of you every day. Glance through it often. Keep constantly impressing yourself with the rich possibilities to practice your language.dav
  6. Remember that learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.
  7. You are attempting to form a new way of thinking, thinking in a new language.
  8. Check up each week on the progress you are making.
  9. Make a lively game of mastering new language!

Good luck! Your Baltic Media Language Centre Team

Author: Iveta Grīnberga, Head of Latvian Language Programs.

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