Norāžu “Tālr.”, “Fakss”, “Telekss” “Mob. tālr.”, “E-pasts” un “Internets” lietojums 24 ES valodās



Tel. Fax Telex Mobile Email Internet
bg Teл. Факс Телекс Мобилен тел. Електронна поща: Интернет адрес:
es Tel. Fax Télex Móvil Correo electrónico: Internet:
cs Tel. Fax Telex Mobil E-mail: Internet:
da Tlf. Fax Telex Mobil E-post: / E-mail: Internet:
de Tel. Fax Telex Mobil E-Mail: Internet:
et Tel Faks Teleks Mobiil E-post: Internet:
el Τηλ. Φαξ Τέλεξ Κινητό Email: Internet:
en Tel. Fax Telex Mobile Email: Internet:
fr Tél. Fax Télex Mobile Courriel: Internet:
ga Teil. Facs Teiléacs Fón póca R-phost: Idirlíon:
hr Tel. Faks Teleks Mobitel E-pošta: Internetska adresa:
it Tel. Fax Telex Cellulare E-mail: Internet:
lv Tālr. Fakss Telekss Mob. tālr. E-pasts: Internets:
lt Tel. Faks. Teleks. Mob. tel. El. paštas: Interneto adresas:
hu Tel. Fax Telex Mobil E-mail: Internet:
mt Tel. Faks Telex Mowbajl Email: Internet:
nl Tel. Fax Telex Mobiel E-mail: Internet:
pl Tel. Faks Teleks Tel. kom. E-mail: Internet:
pt Tel. Fax Telex Tlm. Endereço eletrónico: Internet:
ro Tel. Fax Telex Mobil E-mail: Internet:
sk Tel. Fax Telex Mobil E-mail: Internet:
sl Tel. Faks Teleks Mobilni telefon E-naslov: Internet:
fi P. F. Teleksi Matkap. Sähköposti: Internet:
sv Tfn Fax Telex Mobil E-post: Internet:

The above are shown as they are written at the beginning of a line; in the middle of a text they may, or may not, start with lower case, depending on the language.
Note that no colon is used to introduce contact numbers.



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